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Open Space | Level 4 - Hilton Hotel, Sydney

The Open Space is a dedicated physical area that allows you to to set the agenda! Sit down and chat, play a few games, or listen to some informal, impromptu talks.

Have an idea that you would like to see come to life at The Open Space? Email us at conference@agileaustralia.com.au!

What's on in The Open Space so far:

Lean Coffee with Jason Yip | 7.30AM | WED 19.JUN.13 and THU 20.JUN.13
"If we want to learn from our meetings, we need to allow the conversation to be set by the very professionals we invited to the meeting in the first place. If they were worth inviting, they must be worth including." - Jim Benson

Lean Coffee at Agile Australia!: dynamic agenda, dot-voting, discussion, debrief, repeat.

The Fishbowl with Erik Petersen | 11.30AM and 4.00PM | WED 19.JUN.13
Watch others interact and then join in the conversation!
Topic for morning session: Future directions in Agile
Topic for afternoon session: You decide! If you have a topic you would like to discuss, send it (ten words or less) to conference@agileaustralia.com.au with your contact details and the subject line "Fishbowl". Alternatively, just take a seat on the day and participate!

Let's Kill an Agile Project with Evan Leybourn | 12.15PM | WED 19.JUN.13
Other talks and games will teach you how to run a successful Agile project. Only this one will teach you how to ruin an Agile project*. In this game we will break every Agile rule, disregard the manifesto and ignore common sense in the singular pursuit of failure (and fun).

Each of you will be part of an Agile team with a dis-engaged Customer and micro-managing boss. Being Agile, there will be daily stand-ups, planning sessions, retrospectives, and kanban boards but nothing will go as you expect.

* More importantly, this activity will teach you "how" Agile projects can fail and the reason behind many common Agile practices.

99 second presentations with Jason Yip | 2.45PM | WED 19.JUN.13
99 seconds. 1 slide if you want it. 99 second presentations are a great way to try out presenting in public (it's only 99 seconds) and a great way to learn about a lot of different ideas in a short amount of time. The session will start with a few prepared speakers but then open up to the crowd.

Meddler's Game with Craig Brown | 11.30AM | THU 20.JUN.13
The objective of the game is to facilitate discussions about organisational structures, where multiple teams work on multiple projects. People are forced to work in a flat surface. This means they cannot grow the organisation as a hierarchy. They must grow their business as a value network. This game makes it easier for managers to let employees invent their own team structures, and to have them discuss benefits and risks and the value the teams are providing to each other.

Innovation Games with Craig Brown and Anton Rossouw | 2.00PM | THU 20.JUN.13
Participate in various Innovation Games® such as Speedboat, Product Box, Buy a Feature, Hot Tub, Prune the Product Tree and Spider Web, and an online demonstration on how to apply these in practice. Practical application during an Agile project includes project planning, risk analysis, dependency planning, prioritisation, team alignment, backlog grooming, epic and story development.

Lightning Talks with Erik Petersen | 4.00PM | THU 20.JUN.13
Concise, informal, slideshow-free, mini-presentations that generate ideas and conversation points for the audience. Present on any topic for maximum of FIVE minutes long (no slides). The emphasis of these mini-presentations is on knowledge sharing, generating new ideas, and having fun!

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