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Adam Boas | Principal Engineer, Tiny Robot Army

Adam Boas is a Principal Engineer at Aconex, leading development in the new product space. He has a long history in software delivery as a developer, tech lead, architect and manager.

Adam has delivered bespoke development projects and new products in a wide range of areas including telecommunications, logistics, government, mining, and resources. He is a team builder, a coach and a delivery enabler but above all a developer with a low level understanding of the problems development teams face when approaching the sharp end of a delivery.

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Nigel Dalton | Chief Information Officer, REA Group

A veteran Agile evangelist, with over 10 years experience applying Agile principles to IT and product development in the USA, Australia and NZ, Nigel Dalton is the co-founder of Luna Tractor, a business consultancy company taking Agile and lean thinking beyond software development to all areas of business and organisations. Luna Tractor leverages the experience gained in the transformation of Lonely Planet between 2007 and 2011, with over 20 teams running variants of Agile, kanban and lean methods to support their aim to make amazing guides in all formats for customers.

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Keith Dodds | Director, Client Relations, ThoughtWorks Asia Pacific

Keith Dodds is responsible for ThoughtWorks' client relations, sales and marketing in the Asia Pacific region. Keith has over 25 years experience in consulting, story-telling and general rabble-rousing. He has worked across the US, the UK and for over 17 years in Australia. Keith prefers informed conversations with clients and prospective customers about the likely outcomes of their behaviour and decisions, both rational and unintended, emerging industry trends and new management imperatives.

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Craig Smith | Agile Coach, Suncorp

Craig Smith has been active in the IT industry for over 15 years. He has been an Agile practitioner for over 10 years and is a Certified Scrum Master and a member of both the Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance. He is currently working within Suncorp's Business Services division as an Agile Coach, on a number of high profile technical and business projects. He is a regular trainer for the Agile Academy, has presented at a number of international conferences and is also an Agile Editor for InfoQ.

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