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Speaker proposal submissions are now closed

Many thanks to all those who submitted a proposal!

We will let you if you have been accepted onto the program via email, and hope to announce the final program by mid April.

The community involvement has been fantastic, and we really appreciate the feedback you gave through the commenting system. We thank you for your patience through the review process.

Key dates
19 April 2013 - Earlybird Registration Closes
19-20 June 2013 - Agile Australia 2013 Conference

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Theme + Streams

The theme for this year's conference is Accelerate Innovation! Your topic should broadly relate to this theme, which encapsulates the need for strategies and new ideas to build adaptive, resilient organisations. This theme also reflects the need for organisations to put the fundamental building blocks in place to establish an environment where innovation thrives. Your proposal should also relate to the stream for which you are submitting.

This year's conference will feature six streams:
» Adoption
» Approaches and Practices
» Build and Test
» Design and Analysis
» Innovation
» Leadership and the Enterprise

You can read a brief description of each stream here.

Session Formats

At this stage, we are looking for two types of sessions:
» Talk/Lectures - a 40 minute oral presentation
» Interactive Session - A 40 minute session made up of a 20 minute presentation and 20 minutes of Q&A

We may consider including other sessions further down the track, and are happy to take on your suggestions. Please contact us if you would like to propose a session that doesn't fit these formats.


Over 850 delegates attended last year's Agile Australia conference, representing 196 unique companies. This year, we expect an audience of over 950 delegates from management and executive positions, testers and developers, business analysts, project managers, product managers, and coaches.

A vast range of companies attend Agile Australia: from large financial organisations such as CBA, NAB, ANZ, Westpac, Bankwest, and Suncorp, to leading Australian organisations like Aconex, Atlassian, Lonely Planet, MYOB, REA Group, SEEK, Telstra, Sensis, and wotif.com.

Over half of previous delegates describe themselves as 'pretty familiar with Agile', a quarter as 'Agile expert', and the remaining 20% say they are 'new to Agile'.

We are looking for a range of talks that will meet the needs of any part of this diverse group of people.

How do I submit a proposal?

Submissions are being accepted via an online system. You will be asked to create a username and password before you can submit. To propose a speaker, it is a case of completing a simple web form.

Please note you may only submit a total of three speaker proposal forms. This includes proposals in which you are the second or additional speaker.

When submitting your proposal, remember the conference will have several sessions running simultaneously, so it's important to explain to delegates why they should pick yours.

Once submitted, your proposal will be available for others to view, vote, and comment on. The comments section is provided for you to gain feedback from the community to help improve your submission and help you identify things that need to be clarified.

You may like to reply to the comments, however please ensure any changes are updated in the submission itself.

You are also encouraged give feedback on other people's submissions, to help them make it a session you would want to attend. Are there points you would like clarified? Are the learning outcomes clear? Please add your questions and comments for the author of the proposal to address.

You will be able to submit or update your proposal until Friday 15 March 2013. Submit a proposal now »

Structuring your Speaker Proposal

The online submission system is not only designed to make the selection process as transparent as possible, it also encourages speakers to be Agile - submit early, collect feedback from all stakeholders (including conference delegates) and iterate proposals to allow for the best chance of acceptance.

Structuring your speaker proposal carefully will help get your proposals noticed and accepted. Consider the most important sections in your proposal:

Mechanics. This section is intended for speakers to provide details about how their session is going to run. For example, "The first 15 mins will introduce XX, I will take questions on XX for 5 mins before moving into an in depth discussion on YY. This will lead into a series of slides detailing how ZZ impacts on project delivery outcomes. I will then finish with another 10 mins of Q & A."

Most reviewers and delegates will assume that slides will be used, so unless a different presentation approach is being used, mentioning the use of slides is not the core of the mechanics description.

Learning Outcomes. Delegates, advisors and reviewers want to know what they can learn by attending a specific presentation. A presentation without learnings is unlikely to get up at any conference.

Learning about what to do and what not to do. Learning about areas that need more research and for which there is currently no definitive answer are equally great. Storytelling is interesting, but is unlikely to secure spot in the program.

Spend some time detailing the learning outcomes - it is the key area reviewers focus on when trying to decide between two equally good proposals. Moreover, It will not only to increase the chances of acceptance, but also improve the quality and focus of the presentation itself.

Summary. The summary is the section that most submitters focus on. Speakers will need more than one or two lines to detail what the presentation is about. The allowance is 100 words - use them wisely! Speakers should work through their ideas and have a reasonable first cut before submitting.

Please consider the other submissions already in the system and, more importantly, the reviews provided by the community to help you better craft your proposal.

Providing comments / feedback on proposals

Feedback and comments on proposals are welcome and encouraged from the community.

Public comments help reviewers gauge the excitement and demand around particular topics and proposals, and will also help submitters refine their proposal based on feedback.

You should comment with the aim of making all of the proposals better. Remember - the commenting system is open for all to see, so ensure comments are not only critical, but constructive and fair.

Reviewers will look favourably on submitters who take the time to respond to feedback and update their proposals.

How will my submission be reviewed?

Each Stream has been allocated two Stream chairs and five Reviewers. We have asked them to provide extra feedback on your submission via the online system. Comments from a Chair or Reviewer will be under the heading 'Reviews'.

Once submissions close on Friday 15 March 2013, the Stream Chairs will make a recommendation to the conference advisors and organisers on which ones should be shortlisted for the final program.

Most shortlisted speakers will be asked to take on the advice and guidance of a 'shepherd' before they are accepted onto the program. Your shepherd may discuss with you your draft outline, any examples you plan to use, and how you are planning to use the time allocated in your session. This is your opportunity to refine your presentation and ensure it is of a very high level.

Only after the shepherding process has been completed will the final program be announced.

Click to view a list of Stream Chairs, Reviewers, and Shepherds.

Invited Speakers

Agile Australia 2013 will include some speakers who have been invited by the conference organisers, advisors or Stream Chairs.

Speakers are invited based on the following criteria:
» They fill a gap in the level of experience offered by other speakers
» Their topic of presentation fills a specific gap in the program
» They are providing a certain perspective on a panel discussion
» They have been repeatedly nominated as a favourite speaker in previous conferences.

If you would like to present at Agile Australia 2013, we recommend submitting your topic through the open proposal process.

Speaker Compensation

Speakers at Agile Australia 2013 have the great opportunity of standing on a national platform of industry peers and presenting their ideas. Speakers who have been accepted to the Agile Australia 2013 program will receive a complimentary registration to attend the conference and an invitation to an speaker exclusive breakfast on the first morning of the conference.

Furthermore, your colleagues, clients, and network will be able to attend at a discounted price.

Key dates

Monday 10 December 2012 Speaker Proposals Open, Conference registration opens
Friday 15 March 2013 Speaker Proposals close
Week beginning 25 March 2013 Chairs meet to decide on recommended proposals
Week beginning 8 April 2013 Advisors meet to confirm program
Week beginning 15 April 2013 Speakers informed of acceptance into program
From early April 2013 Shepherding of speakers begins
Friday 19 April 2013 Earlybird registration closes
Tuesday 18 June 2013 Agile Australia Workshop Day
Wednesday 19 - Thursday 20 June 2013 AGILE AUSTRALIA 2013 CONFERENCE

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