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DAY 1: Thursday 15th October, 2009
9.00am Panel: The journey towards the Agile enterprise
» Beverley Head (Moderator)
» Nigel Dalton - Lonely Planet
» Katrina Rowett - Suncorp
» John Sullivan - Sensis
9.45am 12 Agile adoption failure modes
» Jean Tabaka
10.45am Morning Tea
11.15am What's it take to make an Agile transition?
» Shane Hastie - Software Education
7 habits of highly effective Agile developers
» Steve Hayes - Cogent Consulting
12.00pm Panel: Waterfall is from Mars, Agile is from Venus
» Peter Whitfield - University of Sydney (Moderator)
» Justin Freitag - Australia Post
» Todd Porter - Smart Service Queensland
» Pritida Vinod - Westpac
People driven Agile transformation
» John Sullivan - Sensis
12.45pm Lunch

Agile games
» Kane Mar - Scrumology
Test driven development games
» Philip Abernathy - WeYoda
2.00pm Panel: Agile building blocks
» Richard Thomas - Queensland University of Technology (Moderator)
» Mark Mansour - Agile Bench
» Harry McKenzie - Pickles Auctions
» Richard Thomas - QUT
» John Townsend - NOPSA
Taking the leap of faith
» Mike Allen - Racing and Wagering WA
2.45pm Better software faster!
» Michael Milewski -
Build me the Money, Honey!
» Julian Boot - Majitek
» Marina Chiovetti - ThoughtWorks
3.30pm Afternoon Tea
4.00pm Delivering Agile
» Justin Freitag - Australia Post
Bringing back IT from the brink
» Nigel Dalton - Lonely Planet
4.45pm Panel: Distributed Agile
» Beverley Head (Moderator)
» Udayan Banerjee - NIIT
» Adam Boas - Renewtek
» James Couzens - Suncorp
» Vikas Hazrati - Xebia India
From little things, big things grow
» Vaughan Coots - Swann Insurance
5.30pm Close of Day 1
6.00pm Open House at ThoughtWorks

DAY 2: Friday 16th October, 2009
9.00am Increasing business value through simplicity (lean and Agile)
» Jeff Smith - Suncorp
10.00am Morning Tea
10.30am Beyond the green fields of Agile: whole of life reporting and dealing with commercial off the shelf implementations
» David Broeren - NAB Wholesale
Lean and Agile in the large - principles, practices and experiences for large scale software development
» Dave Thomas - Bedarra Research Labs
11.15am Agile governance: governing and scaling for success!
» Philip Abernathy - WeYoda
Understanding just-in-time requirements to support lean software development
» Martin Kearns - Renewtek
Noon Agile for business as usual!
» Lachlan Heasman - ThoughtWorks
» Jody Podbury - Suncorp
Lean thinking for lean times - why kanban is trendy in Agile software development
» Alan Beacham - KM&T Australasia
» Jason Yip - ThoughtWorks
12.45pm Lunch
1.30pm The inter-sprint break
» Simon Bristow - Aconex
Agile software development in a regulated environment
» Victor Rodruigues - Cochlear
» Riaan Rottier - Cochlear
2.15pm After the consultants leave
» Adam Mostyn - BT Financial
Being Agile at the Google scale
» Dhanji R. Prasanna - Google
3.00pm Achieving project success with Agile
» Craig Smith - Suncorp
Agile mistakes and how to avoid them
» Rowan Bunning - Software WithStyle
3.45pm Afternoon Tea
4.00pm Open Space
5.15pm Drinks and Networking
6.00pm Close of Agile Australia 2009

Please note the program is subject to change.

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