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Day 1

» Jean Tabaka 12 Agile adoption failure modes

» Shane Hastie - Software Education What's it take to make an Agile transition?

» Steve Hayes - Cogent Consulting 7 habits of highly effective Agile developers

» John Sullivan - Sensis People driven Agile transformation

» Kane Mar - Scrumology Agile games

» Philip Abernathy - WeYoda Test driven development games

» Mike Allen - Racing and Wagering WA Taking the leap of faith

» Michael Milewski - Better software faster!

» Julian Boot - Majitek and Marina Chiovetti - ThoughtWorks Build me the Money, Honey!

» Justin Freitag - Australia Post Delivering Agile

» Nigel Dalton - Lonely Planet Bringing back IT from the brink

» Vaughan Coots - Swann Insurance From little things, big things grow

Day 2

» David Broeren - NAB Wholesale Beyond the green fields of Agile: whole of life reporting and dealing with commercial off the shelf implementations

» Dave Thomas - Bedarra Research Labs Lean and Agile in the large - principles, practices and experiences for large scale software development

» Philip Abernathy - WeYoda Agile governance: governing and scaling for success!

» Lachlan Heasman - ThoughtWorks and Jody Podbury - Suncorp Agile for business as usual!

» Alan Beacham - KM&T Australasia and Jason Yip - ThoughtWorks Lean thinking for lean times - why kanban is trendy in Agile software development

» Simon Bristow - Aconex The inter-sprint break

» Adam Mostyn - BT Financial After the consultants leave

» Craig Smith - Suncorp Achieving project success with Agile

» Rowan Bunning - Software WithStyle Agile mistakes and how to avoid them

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