Agile Australia in MELBOURNE on 17-18 JUNE 2014

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The Open Space

Ground Floor, MCEC

The Open Space is a dedicated physical area that allows you to to set the agenda! Sit down and chat, play a few games, or listen to some informal, impromptu talks.

Have an idea that you would like to see come to life at The Open Space? Email us at!

The Open Space photo
The Open Space photo
The Open Space photo
The Open Space photo

Here's what's on in the Open Space so far:

99 second presentations with Jason Yip

99 seconds. 1 slide if you want it. 99 second presentations are a great way to try out presenting in public (it's only 99 seconds) and a great way to learn about a lot of different ideas in a short amount of time. The session will start with a few prepared speakers but then open up to the crowd.

Metrics that Matter with Larry Maccherone

1.45PM | TUE 17.JUN.14
Let's build a balanced scorecard of metrics using the ODIM framework. What's ODIM? Why not MIDO? Come along and find out!

How mature is your agile? with Evan Leybourn

2.30PM | TUE 17.JUN.14
Through this open space, we will walk through a simple maturity assessment addressing four key areas; staff empowerment, customer engagement, enabling processes (both management and technical processes) and supporting tools & technology. You will be guided through each of these areas with a group discussion to help you make an informed and realistic self-assessment.

The idea: AgileFact - extending BDD with Michael Smolenski

2.30PM | TUE 17.JUN.14
It is about improving business engagement with an Agile delivery team by extending Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) to include multimedia story playback with deep integration of Rally+JIRA tools.

As each team is working on a story, at any time a Product Owner or Stakeholder can click on a link within Rally/JIRA and see a running version of what the team is currently working on.

I have introduced this concept at CBA and I'm sure the wider agile community will have opinions about the pros/cons of this approach. More info can be found on my blog:

Lightning talks with Erik Peterson

3.40PM | TUE 17.JUN.14
Concise, informal, slideshow-free, mini-presentations that generate ideas and conversation points for the audience. Present on any topic for maximum of FIVE minutes long (no slides). The emphasis of these mini-presentations is on knowledge sharing, generating new ideas, and having fun!

Lean Coffee with Jim Benson

7.00AM | WED 18.JUN.14

"If we want to learn from our meetings, we need to allow the conversation to be set by the very professionals we invited to the meeting in the first place. If they were worth inviting, they must be worth including."Jim Benson

Lean Coffee at Agile Australia!: dynamic agenda, dot-voting, discussion, debrief, repeat.

Tim tam slam with Chris Chan and Stephanie BySouth

11.00AM | WED 18.JUN.14
Tim tams + hot chocolate for the win!

Business transformation vs IT optimisation with Steve Lawrence

12.15PM | WED 18.JUN.14
What does business transformation look like - why is it different than IT optimisation. What are executives talking about when they talk transformation? This open space will investigate the pillars around business transformation and highlight the importance of optimising the delivery process within the IT department.

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