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Most Agile Australia attendees work in the technology sector. We now know governments are using our products to keep records of our phone calls, emails, searches, website visits, social media activity and more.

As technology professionals, what data collection are we enabling the in systems we build? What actions can we take to ensure our products are safe for our customers to use without fear of surveillance?

Join this session to learn more about how to create mindful products, ensure digital freedom for the future, and ultimately create the web we want.

This session is running as part of Agile Australia 2014.


Scott Ludlam
Jon Lawrence
Executive Officer, Electronic Frontiers Australia
Tom Sulston
Lead Technical Consultant, ThoughtWorks
Keith Dodds
Client Relations Director, ThoughtWorks
Tuesday 17 June 2014; 11:30am-1:00pm
Melbourne Convention Centre
2 Clarendon Street, Southbank VIC
*Note: Agile Australia 2014 Conference delegates do not need to RSVP


Jon Lawrence
JON LAWRENCE | Executive Officer, Electronic Frontiers Australia

Jon Lawrence is the Executive Officer of Electronic Frontiers Australia. Jon has two decades of experience in the IT/internet industry across Australia, Europe and the US. As a civil libertarian, Jon is committed to promoting freedom of speech, fighting censorship as well as unnecessary and excessive surveillance and is a strong advocate for the modernisation of Australia's copyright laws. Jon completed a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne in 2011 and is a Director of the Internet Society of Australia.

Scott Ludlam

Scott Ludlam, a former graphic designer, environmental and social justice campaigner and political advisor, was elected in November 2007 and again in April 2014 as an Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia. He is currently one of 10 Australian Greens members of parliament who have established a track record of positive negotiations with all parties in Parliament.

Scott is spokesperson for the Greens on Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Housing, Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities and Nuclear Issues.

Scott was a leading voice against the Federal Government's attempt to introduce a mandatory net filter, moved amendments to better secure public ownership of the National Broadband Network and has been a strong advocate for a diverse, accessible communications sector.

He is a founding member of the Parliamentary Friends of SBS.

Tom Sulston
TOM SULSTON | Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Tom Sulston works for ThoughtWorks in Melbourne, following a tour of duty that included the UK, Germany, USA, and India. He is a consultant in the continuous delivery space but occasionally ventures out into managing projects. He has previously spoken at Agile and XP conferences on continuous delivery, devops culture, and the psychology of failure. He has been on the internet for longer than is healthy and has an interest in how technology affects civil society via the medium of kitten pictures. His ASIO file is thin but growing.

Keith Dodds
KEITH DODDS | Director, Client Relations, ThoughtWorks Asia Pacific

Keith Dodds is responsible for ThoughtWorks' client relations, sales and marketing in the Asia Pacific region. Keith has over 25 years experience in consulting, story-telling and general rabble-rousing. He has worked across the US, the UK and for over 17 years in Australia. Keith prefers informed conversations with clients and prospective customers about the likely outcomes of their behaviour and decisions, both rational and unintended, emerging industry trends and new management imperatives.