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Melbourne Workshop

Cynefin and Decision Focussing - Useful concepts and tools for working in a complex and disrupting world

Kim Ballestrin | Agile Engagement Lead, Telstra
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Cynefin and Decision Focussing - Useful concepts and tools for working in a complex and disrupting world

This is a full-day workshop in two parts. We commence with ways to understand and use the Cynefin framework and will end with some useful workshop tools/methods to help clarify the decisions we need to make and the information needed to support decision-making.

Part 1: An Introduction to Cynefin - Making Sense and how to use it
The Cynefin Framework is a valuable tool used to improve decision-making within organisations. In this workshop, we will explain the Cynefin Sense-making framework and the domains that make up the framework. We'll begin with an overview of complex systems and explore the implications for product strategy and practice. The workshop will include how to deal with balancing exploitation with exploration of problem spaces, and provide an introduction to leveraging emergent practices for innovation in both startups and enterprises. We will also learn some workshop methods and other practical applications of the framework in Lean and Agile contexts.

Part 2: Decision-Focussing - How to clarify decisions and get information required for decision-making
Decision-making is often complicated by standardised processes and it can be valuable to explicitly explore the decisions that we are trying to make and support. We have been using these workshop methods at Telstra as part of our Agile and Lean journey in order to support and refine some common business decisions that we make.

Kim Ballestrin Photo
KIM BALLESTRIN | Agile Engagement Lead, Telstra

Kim Ballestrin has been an Agile engagement lead in Telstra IT for the last three years, from the beginning of the Telstra IT Agile change journey. Her focus has been on the initial part of the delivery process and finding ways to improve collaboration from the very start of an idea, through to the formation of Agile teams. Kim is the organiser of the Melbourne Cynefin Meetup group and is interested in finding new ideas that can help improve the ways that we work. Prior to the Agile role, her first 15 years at Telstra were spent in roles from telemarketing to marketing analysis, IT business analyst, program manager and delivery centre manager. Kim has a BSc. in Biology and worked for five years in the media industry before joining Telstra.

Workshop Details
workshop Cynefin and Decision Focussing with Kim Ballestrin
when Monday 16 June 2014 | 9am - 5pm
where Melbourne Convention Centre
1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, VIC 3006
cost* $800 Incl. GST from 18 April 2014
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