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TUE | 1.30PM | ROOM 1 | Think like an Agilist

» Jason Yip - Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks

When an Agile situation is routine, you may not be able to tell the difference between a novice and an expert. It's really only in the unanticipated, more challenging situations where we see an expert's superior capability. Agile experts think differently than novices about situations which is what allows them to adapt. If we accept this, then how can we help non-experts to think like experts? This workshop uses the most difficult and challenging Agile scenarios in order to expose and address weaknesses in our thinking and thus more effectively progress toward expertise.

Learn about:
» Cognitive themes of adaptive Agile thinking (keeping a focus on the overall goal
» Understanding stakeholder interests
» Considering organisational culture, timing, the bigger picture, and risks
» Using all available resources,
» Practice "thinking like an Agilist" using difficult, challenging scenarios
» How to setup your own 'Think Like an Agilist' exercise

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Jason Yip | Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Jason Yip Photo Jason Yip has been involved with XP and Agile since 1999. He was a committer on CruiseControl, the earliest continuous integration server, was one of the organisers of SyXPAC (Sydney XP and Agile Club), and currently organises the Sydney Limited WIP Society. Jason is a prolific blogger and tweeter on Agile and Lean software development. Jason is employed by ThoughtWorks as a Principal Consultant.

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