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Time Grand Ballroom 1 & 2 Grand Ballroom 3 Stradbroke Room
8.30am When the Stakes are High
» Fiona Wood - WA Burns Service
9.30am Agile: Looking Back, Looking Forward: Adapt, Innovate, Collaborate & Deliver
» Craig Smith - Suncorp
» Nigel Dalton - REA Group
» David Joyce - ThoughtWorks
» Simon Bristow - SEEK
11.00am Agility@Scale: IBMs Journey of Agile Transformation
» Rick Weaver - IBM Rational Software Services
» Jay Rogers - Atlassian
Hiring for agility: How to build a high performing Agile team
» Michael Bromley - NBN Co
11.45am Mainframe Test Automation within SCRUM - How did we at the BNZ get it to work?
» Bram Surti - Bank of New Zealand
» Rob White - Bank of New Zealand
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Definition of Agile at NAB - Adapting Agile to the constraints of a large organisation
» Dylan Verheijden - NAB
Agile Sales! Is that a thing?
» Kurt Solarte - IBM
12.10pm From shaky beginnings: The evolution of the earthquake reinstatement programme
» Cara Talbot - GE Capital
» Emma Kerley - Vero Insurance
Agile UX - Marriage made in heaven or just staying together for the kids
» Tref Gare - Aconex
» Shane Morris - Automatic Studio
» James Ross - Aconex
» Andrew Green - Cogent
» Robert Postill - C3 Business Solutions
» Leon Messerschmidt - Aconex
Easy ways to break up!
» Dipesh Pala - Solnet Solutions
12.30pm LUNCH
1.20pm Agile Practices Proven in Highly Regulated Environments
» Victor Rodruigues - Cochlear
» Craig Langenfeld - Rally Software
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PANEL: Agile Governance - The new disinfectant
» Renee Troughton - Suncorp
» Paul Watson - Suncorp
» Sarah Pollard - BankWest
» Carolyn Smart - Telstra
» Peter Tansey - Petoni Mahi (Moderator)
What happened to people over process?
» Sarah Taraporewalla - ThoughtWorks
2.05pm Building high-performing teams to deliver awesome business outcomes
» Nish Mahanty - MYOB
Inroads in Outsourcing: Ebay's (mis)adventures with offshoring
» Megan Folsom -
» Robin Zaragoza -
Practical Kanban for software development
» Perryn Fowler - ThoughtWorks
2.50pm Continuous Design
» Jason Furnell - ThoughtWorks
» Kate Linton - ThoughtWorks
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Guild Leadership in Agile environments - How your role as a manager changes and what you need to do to adapt
» Erik van Eekelen - Elabor8
Value and Culture OVER Practices and Processes - Driving Agility at Bankwest
» Sandra Dalli - BankWest
» Sarah McAllister - BankWest
4.00pm Building the right thing through collaboration and continual discovery
» Brent Snook - Zooatrope
AgileTrek - The Next Frontier
» Marc Galbraith - ThoughtWorks
» Steve Lawrence - Rally Software
Failure: A love story
» Tom Sulston - ThoughtWorks UK
4.45pm The Lean/Agile PMO vs The Traditional PMO
» David Joyce - ThoughtWorks
Agile Attitudes & Abilities: The ScrumMaster role and how its core principles can be applied to any form of Agile leadership
» Ilan Goldstein - Reed Elsevier
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Safe to Fail
» Phil Abernathy - Purple Candor
5.25pm CLOSE

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Time Grand Ballroom 1 & 2 Grand Ballroom 3 Stradbroke Room
8.30am Empowering Teams
» Mark Thompson
9.30am Software for Humanity
» Roy Singham - ThoughtWorks
11.00am The Yin and Yang of Agile - Adventures in Chinese Agile
» Rick Wingfield - AIA
» Alexandra Stokes - AIA
Leadership Secrets for Agile Adoption
» Colin McCririck - Suncorp
Agile Board Hacks - get the best out of your wall
» Fiona Siseman - Lonely Planet
» Nicholas Thorpe - ThoughtWorks
11.25am Agile Infrastructure: Not an Oxymoron - Using infrastructure web services to support continuous integration & deployment
» Simon Elisha - Amazon Web Services
How Lonely Planet Used Agile With SAP and Delighted Customers
» Ed Cortis - Lonely Planet
Using Agile to deliver smarter business outcomes, not projects!
» David Carpenter - IAG
11.50am Changing methods is easy - changing culture is hard
» Patrick Eltridge - Telstra
Building a mobile team and getting a product to market
» Richard Durnall - REA Group
» Stewart Gleadow - ThoughtWorks
Continuous Risk Management
» James Brett - ThoughtWorks
» Marina Chiovetti - ThoughtWorks
12.30pm LUNCH
1.20pm Adaptive Leadership for Turbulent Times
» Keith Dodds - ThoughtWorks
SEEK's approach to product innovation
» Doug Blue - SEEK
The trouble with time machine
» Matthew Hodgson - Zen Ex Machina
2.05pm Using Lean Product Engineering to achieve business objectives
» Herry Wiputra - REA Group
» Nichola Gill - REA Group
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Why nothing you ever do might make the slightest difference: A crash course in the Theory of Constraints
» James Ross - Aconex
Emerging Paradigms in Software Testing
» Kristan Vingrys - ThoughtWorks
2.50pm Agile and Portfolio / Program Management
» Martin Kearns - SMS MT
Distributed Agile: Operating Agile delivery centres at scale
» Daniel Haughey -
» Kai Hu - ThoughtWorks China
Design Eye for a Dev Guy
» Julian Boot - Majitek
4.00pm Now for the hard part - the Agile Enterprise
» Daniel Oertli - LIIIFT
Agile Executive: The Naked Truth!
» Kelly Waters - ThoughtWorks
Articulating Vision and Need: Collaborative Analysis and Design
» Eli Marks - NBN Co
» Meaghan Waters - ThoughtWorks
4.45pm Implementing Continuous Delivery
» Darren Smith - ThoughtWorks
» Evan Bottcher - ThoughtWorks
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Agile Development on Large Legacy Architecture
» Tony Young - Integrated Research
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Design as a Business Practice
» Steven Caddy - REA Group
5.25pm Closing drinks and networking

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