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TUE | 11.00AM | ROOM 2 | The GetKanban Game

» David Joyce - Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks
» Karina Woolmer - Change Analyst, Telstra
» Rixt Wiersma - Agile Coach & People Developer, ThoughtWorks
» Claire Pitchford - Business Analyst, ThoughtWorks

The GetKanban Game is a physical board game designed to teach the concepts and mechanics of Kanban in a workshop setting. It has been described as the most effective way to teach Kanban. It is hands-on, engaging, and fun.

Learn by actually running a Kanban system in a simulated delivery team. Simulated events occur throughout the game to challenge the teams and require them to make prioritisation and resource allocation decisions to determine what work to pull through the Kanban system.

Learn about:
» Visualization of work
» Flow
» Limiting work in progress
» Prioritization techniques
» Value of measures

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David Joyce | Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks

David Joyce Photo David Joyce is an Agile coach with 12 years technical team management and coaching experience, and 20 years software development experience. In recent years, using Scrum and XP, David has coached onshore and offshore teams and successfully launched an internet video startup from inception to launch. More recently before moving to Australia David has coached teams on Lean, Kanban and Systems Thinking at BBC Worldwide in the UK. David currently works for Thoughtworks as a principal consultant and is a Systems Thinker, Lean practitioner, Kanban coach and certified Scrum Master. Last year he received the Lean SSC Brickell Key award for outstanding achievement and leadership. His Lean and Kanban blog is at

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Karina Woolmer | Change Analyst, Telstra

Karina Woolmer Photo Karina Woolmer is a Change Analyst working in Telstra in the Agile Change Team. As part of this role Karina helps to create the Agile, Lean, Kanban and Systems Thinking training materials, and facilitates workshops and works on the Change Management strategy. Karina has facilitated the Get Kanban game to many different audiences including one off workshops for project teams and during the Instructor Led Training.

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Rixt Wiersma | Agile Coach & People Developer, ThoughtWorks

Rixt Wiersma Photo Rixt Wiersma is a dedicated and passionate facilitator and Agile coach who is committed to inspire people to perform at their best. With a background in learning and development, Rixt believes in working in partnership and inspiring each other to bring the best out of ourselves and others. After having discovered Agile, Rixt feels very strongly about understanding and applying the Agile principles and practices in any team setting to ensure collaboration, communication, respect and learning.

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Claire Pitchford | Business Analyst, ThoughtWorks

Claire Pitchford Photo Claire Pitchford is a Business Analyst at ThoughtWorks with a background in business and marketing. She has worked across a wide variety of industries, including banking and finance, telecommunications, government and a variety of social impact projects. Since becoming an analyst, Claire has led teams that have enabled their clients to take software applications from concept to market using both Agile and lean principles and practices.

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