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TUE | 11.00AM | ROOM 3 | Pattern Language of Flow Workshop

» Gareth Evans - Kanban Practice Lead, Assurity

Patterns describe a problem for a given context and offer a solution based on experience that has been consistently successful. A pattern language of flow, if it existed, would attempt to identify problems with the flow of work in software development from request to release. The existence of problems could be confirmed with the use of empirical data and different kinds of visualisations. Solutions could also use empirical data to inform better economic decisions and create the catalyst for change.

The purpose of the workshop is to distil the experience of attendees into patterns of flow that have proved successful in the software industry in building the right thing, improving quality, increasing throughput or reducing the time it takes from the request of a feature until its delivery. This could form the basis for a pattern language of flow based on Agile and Lean principles to help others solve similar problems.

Learn about:
» A basic understanding of patterns and why they are used
» Sharing and distillation of industry experience in improving flow based on repeatable patterns
» Successful patterns that can be shared with the wider community to help improve flow of valuable software

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Gareth Evans | Kanban Practice Lead, Assurity

Gareth Evans Photo Gareth Evans has over 15 years experience in the IT industry, including over a decade in London where he first put his degree in economics to use as a software developer. He gained experience in the banking industry on numerous large IT projects from front office investment banking to wholesale banking compliance as both a developer and team leader. During his time in the UK Gareth also gained an MSc in computing science including a thesis on evolutionary algorithms. His last UK role as an Agile Software Coach at BBCWW allowed him to specialise in Kanban and Lean whilst participating in a highly successful case study as a member of the first team at BBCWW (and BBC) to transition to Kanban.

Gareth returned to New Zealand in 2009 where he has been working for Assurity as the Kanban Practice Lead. He has enjoyed bringing successful economic outcomes to clients using Agile and Lean principles combined with solid technical practices that support continuous delivery.

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