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TUE | 3.30PM | ROOM 2 | Kaizen Lego Game

» Francisco Trindade - Consultant, ThoughtWorks
» Rixt Wiersma - Agile Coach & People Developer, ThoughtWorks

After revolutionising the automobile industry, Lean principles have been applied to different knowledge areas such as software development. However, many people are using these ideas without having been introduced to the concepts that made Lean successful. In this interactive session, participants will work in a small Lego production line, trying to improve their own process using different kaizen techniques.

Learn about:
» Kaizen/Continuous Improvement principles
» The history behind the continuous improvement movement
» Applying different kaizen concepts in a practical problem
» Concepts like: kaizen, kaikaku, PDCA, standardised work, 5 Whys, 5W1H, Genchi Gembutsu, A3 reporting value stream mapping

* Please note this workshop is limited to 30 participants

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Francisco Trindade | Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Francisco Trindade Photo Francisco Trindade works as a developer, coach and consultant at ThoughtWorks. After building his own start up, Francisco has been helping several companies in the telecommunications, media and finance industries to improve their processes and deliver successful software projects. Having worked on a wide variety of projects in the past years, both in the UK and in Australia, his interests range from technology and development to systems thinking and how to create performing teams and organisations.

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Rixt Wiersma | Agile Coach & People Developer, ThoughtWorks

Rixt Wiersma Photo Rixt Wiersma is a dedicated and passionate facilitator and Agile coach who is committed to inspire people to perform at their best. With a background in learning and development, Rixt believes in working in partnership and inspiring each other to bring the best out of ourselves and others. After having discovered Agile, Rixt feels very strongly about understanding and applying the Agile principles and practices in any team setting to ensure collaboration, communication, respect and learning.

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