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TUE | 1.30PM | ROOM 2 | Key Ingredients to Inspirational Leadership

» Michael Stange - Agile Coaching Manager, Suncorp
» Martin Kearns - National Capability Lead, SMS MT

This workshop will construct work designs that illustrate key leadership ingredients required to lead and inspire Agile teams.

Learning Outcomes:
1) How to empower and develop a self organising team trough:
    a. Establishing a safe to fail environment
    b. Internalisation of values
2) How to lead through influence over command and control
    a. Servant leadership
    b. The art of what is possible
    c. Clear communication
3) How to manage a personal learning cycle
    a. Introducing a personal active learning cycle and the stages we go through

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Michael Stange | Agile Coaching Manager, Suncorp

Michael Stange Photo Michael Stange started coaching and leading teams in the Defence Force back in 1994. Since joining the IT industry, he has taken on various technical and leadership roles in both traditional and Agile projects. Michael has been dabbling in Agile Alchemy for the last 10 years, focusing predominantly on building high performing and fun loving teams. Michael joined Suncorp in mid-2009 as an Agile Coach, providing guidance to business and technology based project teams across the enterprise; training and mentoring staff and acting as a change agent. His current appointment as the Agile Coaching team Manager sees him leading a highly passionate group of coaches to support the company and its people through the ongoing Agile transformation journey.

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Martin Kearns | National Capability Lead, SMS MT

Martin Kearns Photo Martin Kearns is the National Capability Lead for Agile services at SMS MT. An experienced technology professional, Martin has over 18 years of industry experience. Martin is leading the development of an enterprise Agile capability within SMS to support the business strategies of a diverse set of clients. He is a pioneer in the field of Scrum, being one of the first three Scrum Coaches to be certified in the world. Martin's forte is in the coaching of individuals and organisations to improve their application of the Agile process and to build high performance teams. He has an infectious passion for Agile and is heavily involved with the community. He co-authored the CSC Whitepaper, is part of the coaching board for the Scrum Alliance, and is a CSC/CSP Examiner. Martin has a strong technical background moving over into a more consultant role after moving to Australia, where is love and passion for Agile practice began.

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