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TUE | 3.30PM | ROOM 3 | Defining quality - how do we know we are done?

» Sharon Robson - Practice Lead, Software Education

Discover how your stakeholders view quality in your projects, from user friendly, to extensible, scalable, re-usable, and so on. How do you deliver to meet the quality expectations of those involved in your project? How do you track and monitor the delivery of these quality attributes? How do you incorporate it into your delivery schedule?

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Sharon Robson | Practice Lead, Software Education

Sharon Robson Photo Sharon Robson is a Practice Lead specialising in software testing and Agile practices for Software Education. She has over 18 years experience in information technology, software testing, and business analysis. Sharon consults, develops and delivers training courses at all levels - from introductory to advanced. Sharon has been published in Quality Matters and Software Test and Performance magazines where she was named as one of the thirteen most influential women in software testing. Sharon is a founding board member of the Australia New Zealand Testing Board (ANZTB) and was the chairperson of the Marketing Working group for the ISTQB.

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