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TUE | 1.30PM | ROOM 3 | From Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery

» John Smart - Chief Executive Officer, Wakaleo Consulting

Continuous Delivery is the highest form of Continuous Integration. More than just automated deployment, Continuous Delivery involves a mindset change - any build that passes the necessary quality gates can be deployed into production on demand.

» Ways to ensure your builds are always production-ready - automatically!
» Parameterising your builds with style!
» Using build pipelines and build promotion in Jenkins to filter out poor builds and streamline the build process
» Reusing artifacts across builds
» Rolling back and redeploying previous builds
» Deploying to app servers and to the cloud
» How to run automated acceptance tests on the cloud

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John Smart | Chief Executive Officer, Wakaleo Consulting

John Smart Photo John Smart is the Chief Executive Officer of Wakaleo Consulting, a company that provides consulting, training, mentoring and testing services in Enterprise Java and Agile development and testing practices. A long-time Agile proponent and advocate of open source tools that help support and automate Agile software development practices, John is also the author of 'Java Power Tools' and 'Jenkins: The Definitive Guide', as well as an active contributor to several open source projects.

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