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TUE | 9.00AM | ROOM 2 | Building an Agile framework that fits your organisation

» Rick Weaver - Program Director, IBM Rational Software Services

Join this workshop to discover the key elements to be addressed when scaling Agile practices to meet the needs of your organisation. Based on IBM's experience working on thousands of Agile projects both internally and with customers, you will learn:
» how you can build and apply a flexible approach to Agile that meets the needs of your organisation and delivers results
» what it takes to coordinate Agile teams across multiple projects, in multi-disciplined environments, while keeping them running fast

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Rick Weaver | Program Director, IBM Rational Software Services

Rick Weaver Photo Rick Weaver is a director for IBM Rational Software Development and Services. Since joining IBM Rational in 2006, Rick's focus has been helping customers become more Agile and successful in improving their software development, an ongoing theme and motivator for him throughout his 23 years at IBM. He has also led efforts to improve Rational's internal software development processes as part of IBM's own Agile transformation. Currently Rick leads both the Rational "Unleash the Labs" program and the IBM Rational service delivery and global engagement teams focused on helping clients around the world adopt Agile practices, deploy new tools and implement new processes successfully.

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