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TUE | 3.30PM | ROOM 1 | Agile Coaching Workshop

» Adrian Smith - Agile Coach, Ennova
» Craig Smith - Agile Coach, Suncorp

The Agile Coach is a critical role in helping leaders, teams or individuals understand, adopt and improve Agile methods and practice. Additionally, an Agile Coach helps people rethink and change the way they go about their work. For a individual to be effective in a coaching role, they must poses a wide range of skills and experience. In this workshop we will explore Agile coaching skills in the context of a competency framework and provide participants with lessons from real-world coaching experience. The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about coaching, identify areas of Agile development and to broaden skills through hands-on group and individual exercises and games.

You will:
» Understand role of an Agile coach and the typical development pathways
» Identify personal areas of strength/weakness in relation to a broad range of Agile and related skills
» Learn situational specific coaching techniques for common Agile dysfunctions
» Understand the use of maturity models in helping teams learn and adapt to Agile
» Understand organisational and role specific Agile challenges
» Learn how to adapt Agile practices to suit team specific challenges

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Adrian Smith | Agile Coach, Ennova

Adrian Smith Photo Dr Adrian Smith is a software engineering and technology consultant who specialises in Agile and Lean methods. His experience spans a variety of industries that include mining, aerospace, public infrastructure, digital media, banking and insurance. Adrian has led and coached engineering and software development teams for organisations that include Airbus, GKN Aerospace, BBC Worldwide and Suncorp. Adrian is currently the Director of Technology for Ennova and an Agile coach for Suncorp.

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Craig Smith | Agile Coach, Suncorp

Craig Smith Photo Craig Smith has been active in the IT industry for over 15 years. He has been an Agile practitioner for over 10 years and is a Certified Scrum Master and a member of both the Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance. He is currently working within Suncorpís Business Services division as an Agile Coach, on a number of high profile technical and business projects.

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