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Submitting your proposal

Submissions are being accepted via an online webform. You will be asked to create a username and password before you can submit or view others’ submissions (if you created a login last year, it is still valid).

Important notes:

  • Once submitted, your proposal will be available for the community to view and comment on.
  • Please use this feedback to iterate your proposal. You will be able to reply to comments (your comments will appear as ‘Author’), however any changes must be updated in the submission itself, NOT in the comments.
  • Last year, less than one in five submissions were accepted to the conference program. To give yourself the best chance of success, ensure your submission is high quality, has sufficient detail, addresses the stream criteria and conference theme, and is engaging and compelling.
  • In previous years, submissions that were received early and engaged with the review process were treated preferentially.
  • You will be able to edit your submission until 2 March 2015.

Providing feedback on proposals

We welcome your feedback and questions on the proposals submitted by others!

If a proposal really excites you, please make sure you click “I want to hear this”.

Your feedback will also help submitters refine and iterate their proposal. Please comment with the aim of making the proposal better – are there points you would like clarified? are the learning outcomes obvious? are there gaps in the content?

Your name will appear next to all your comments. Remember, the commenting system is open for all to see, so your comments should be critical but also constructive and fair.

Speaker Compensation

The Agile Australia 2014 Conference is the national platform for presenting on agility. Speakers will have the opportunity to share with the brightest and most engaged agilists in Australia. Accepted speakers will receive one complimentary registration for themselves to attend Agile Australia 2014 and an invitation to exclusive events at the conference.

Your colleagues, clients, and network will also be able to attend the conference at a discounted price.