The Basics

Chair: Renee Troughton
Co-chair: Michael Rembach

Whether you have been doing Agile for four months or four years, The Basics of Agile will help you to get the most out of the work that teams do, in the simplest way. What are the key practices or techniques that help you embrace agility everyday?

This stream looks in depth at the core approaches and practices utilised on a day to day basis that will result in delighted customers, engaged teams and awesome business outcomes.

Possible Topics: Visual Management, Kanban, Lean, Scrum, User Story Mapping

Culture, Teams, Mindset

Chair: Dipesh Pala
Co-chair: Alexandra Stokes

How do you build projects around motivated individuals, and give them the environment, support and trust they need to get the job done? While this may seem easy to understand at small scale, how do you find Agile ways of working to achieve excellence at the enterprise level? How do you continue to motivate teams and individuals in a large organisation? What catalysts and characteristics do leaders need in innovative organisations?

Explore how Agile-inspired people and organisations are creating cultures, nurturing individuals, and building teams (in Australia and across the globe) to create people-oriented organisations. This stream features innovative ideas in addition to tricks, tips, and proven methods that inspire and help people and organisations to ‘be Agile’ rather than just ‘do Agile’.

Possible Topics: High performing teams, Agile workspaces, holacracy, hiring & inspiring, culture & diversity, crowdsourcing – wisdom of the crowd, Agile leadership, Innovative cultures, Innovation games, Management 3.0

Build, Measure, Learn

Chair: Chris Chan
Co-chair: Paula Ngov

An extension to the first Agile Manifesto Principle is “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software, products and services.” The goal of Agile is is to consistently deliver high-quality products and services that delight your customers not to follow a process.

You can’t always predict market or user behaviour. So how do you get closer to the customer and learn to build products and services that customers really love? How do you build cheaper, faster and, more importantly, better experiences? What are the measures, metrics and trend analysis techniques you use to make decisions? In this stream you will get insights into shifting from delivering outputs to achieving customer outcomes, and strategies for getting closer to your customers so you can deliver measurable value and amazing products.

Possible Topics: Product management, Lean UX, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Customer Driven Development, Customer Testing, Lean Branding, Hypotheses, Assumptions, and Experiments, benchmarking, (lean) analytics.

Organisations and Communities

Chair: Steve Lawrence
Co-chair: Shoaib Shaukat

Maturing Agile enterprises are applying Agile principles and techniques beyond IT. Increasing numbers of organisations and business units are experimenting with Agile in the way they work, and how they collaborate, share knowledge, integrate with and support the rest of the enterprise.

We want you to share your journey to bring Agile into your business area and communities. Share the successes and failures as you transformed areas of your corporate or not-for-profit organisation using Agile principles and practices. How have you used Agile ways of working to create or enhance communities enabling enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing? We want to know the why, how, results and learning points you faced along the way.

Possible Topics: Agile at Scale, Enterprise Agility, Portfolio Management, Enterprise Architecture, Governance, practising Agile beyond software development (ie. Executives and the Board Room, Human Resources, Legal, Procurement, Customer Contact Centre, Education, charity organisations), Agile communities (ie. communities of practice, meetups, guilds, chapters, tribes, open spaces, Lean Coffees, buddying/mentoring).

Technical Excellence

Chair: Scott Shaw
Co-chair: Nish Mahanty

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility. What practices do you use and what results are you getting from these? What are the emerging practices? What are the gaps that need to be filled in?

This stream will focus on topics core to achieving agility in your working software, engineering practices and techniques that have come so far since the beginning of Agile in software delivery.

Possible Topics: UX, behaviour-driven development, testing, automation, continuous delivery, microservice architectures, master craft-person-ship, being a professional rather than being someone who writes code or runs tests