About the Program


Most of the conference program is drawn from community-led submissions. The full program will be announced in April 2015.

Submissions to be a speaker are now closed.

Thank you to all who submitted.

Theme: The Art of Simplicity

Agile Australia 2015 is themed The Art of Simplicity. Leonardo Da Vinci was quoted as saying “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Simplicity is both art and science requiring vision, experimentation and discipline. If it was easy, everybody would do it.

The Art of Simplicity encourages us to debate how simplicity is achieved and to consider the challenge of how to deliver more while doing less. It’s about the art of maximising the work not done.

‘Simplicity’ encapsulates the essence of Agile. How do you strip back processes to stop overly prescriptive methodologies taking hold in your complex environment? How do you build simple things (a minimum viable product, if you like) that meet your customer’s needs?

Archive: About Submissions

Anonymous Submissions

To keep the submission process as fair as possible, proposals will be kept anonymous. The Australian Agile community, reviewers and chairs will be able to view, comment on, and offer feedback or suggestions on all submissions, but nobody will be able to see the author’s name or company.

This means that your submission will be reviewed purely based on the content submitted. We suggest that you focus on addressing the stream criteria, have a clear outline of ideas and examples you will present, describe how you will use your 40 minute slot, and plainly state the learning outcomes for delegates.

It is better to submit early so you have a greater chance of receiving feedback from the community and iterating your proposal. This will give you the best chance of being accepted as a speaker for Agile Australia 2015.

Please limit yourself to a total of three (3) submissions. This includes submissions where you are the second speaker or ‘co-presenter’.

All submissions will remain anonymous until the chairs for each stream have finalised their shortlist.

Session Format

The duration of every session is a total of 40 minutes. This 40 minute slot includes an introduction and thank you by the MC, and time for questions if you choose.

There could be up to five sessions running concurrently. Each session may have up to 200 in the audience. Attendees do not sign up to a particular session prior to the conference – they vote with their feet! So please ensure your session description is enticing while also accurately describing the presentation you will give.